Adapter cewek zapłonowych R8 do VAG 1.4 TSI/TFSI

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Adapter pozwalający użyć cewki z Audi R8/RS6 w silnikach 1.4 TSI.

The R8 coil holder offers the solution for the common ignition related issues found in the 1.4 TSI engine such as misfiring due to the low ignition and reliability of the stock coil packs. With the billet coil holder you can install the R8/RS6 coil packs that are taller than the stock units and thus need support for proper connection with the spark plug terminal.

The NGK R8 Coils are tested extensively on our dragster Ibiza 1.4 TSI up to 650 HP without any ignition related issues and thus we recommend them for most high performance applications. As those are high quality OEM parts longevity and reliability are ensured.

The coil pack holders come complete with spacers bolts and washers and is sutable for the following 1.4 TSI engines: BMY/BLG/CAV/CAX/CTH

Combine this with 4 x NGK R8 U5014 Coils.