Fiat 1.6L Billet Crankshaft 67.40mm Std

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  • Kod: C-FIA-002L
  • Producent: ZRP
  • Dostępność: Brak w magazynie
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Fiat 1.6L Uno/Punto/Tempra/Ritmo Billet Crank. (Lightweight)

Stroke 67.40mm
Main Journal Diam. 50.80mm
Rod Journal Diam. 45.50mm
Weight (kg) 9.00

Technical Features

Large radius on all journals
Manufactured from 4340 Precision Billet Steel
Full CNC machining
Multi-stage heat treatment
Nitride process for hardening
Heat treatment for superior wear resistance
Magna-flucing for flawless surface finish
Shot peening for improved fatigue resistance
Micro-polishing for longer bearing life
Journal radio disperse load stress

Crankshaft is fully balanced on Sunnen machines 1gr +/- 0.1 and ready to install. Included balance report.